zebra connector

zebra  connector

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zebra  connector  zebra  connector  zebra  connector


The company has a number of highly experienced professionals in production management and quality control positive light ISO9002 international standards. In product design aspects of the pursuit of truth, the spirit of innovation master a set of design options, it is estimated that the design program to design their products for quality assurance under the premise than the original design to save about 10% of the cost, the two sides can yield greater benefits. The main products used in the vast electronic manufacturing. Such as : cell phones, computers, electronic dictionaries and electronic notebook, cordless telephones, calculators, LCD modules, MP3 players, electronic thermometers, electronic scales, electronic toys, and so on. The company's products include hot-pressed paper called Zebra conductive sheets (HEAT SEAL CONNECTOR), conductive keys (RUBBER KEY), conductive adhesive tape (ZEBRA), miscellaneous papers and sealed remote control four categories. For telephones, calculators, games, electronic toys, computer keyboards, and various remote LCD display support. Introduction of the weak areas that can not be ignored occupy the position has broad prospects for development. Companies "exploration, innovation, pragmatism, Endeavor" to the spirit of market-oriented enterprises. Pay attention to creating a good business image, a first-class quality, reasonable prices and sincere service. Now I have with the Group of 100 million, Aux Group, Hainan Tsinghua University, Tsinghua sensor, the new Sun-renowned electronics companies have long-standing friendly cooperative relations.



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