Silicone Rubber Zebra Strip Connector

 Silicone Rubber Zebra Strip Connector

Model No.︰ 56*4.5*2.0

Brand Name︰YF

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 0.05 / pc

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description

 Silicone Rubber Zebra Strip Connector   zebra  connector

The conductive rubber connector, which is designed to be connected to a LCD display and a printed circuit board, has the characteristics of light weight, high temperature resistance, long life, high reliability, low cost, flexibility, flexibility and easy alignment, because the spacing of the electrodes can be done very small. Many products for driving way.

Application: it is suitable for various non lead connections in the field of weak electricity (so the LCD products of liquid crystal display screen are widely used in liquid crystal displays, such as calculator, game machine, telephone, electronic meter, electronic instrument, pager, handheld phone, palm computer and so on. "
  ZEBRA  silicon inter-connectoris   Dong Guan Yongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd investment enterprise,

which professionally manufactures high-quality conductive rubber connector
( zebra ) and silicon rubber.In order to further develop Chinese market, it eastablished production base in 2003 in Dongguan City Guangdong Province .
The company owns specially imported production equipment and enterprise management system. With several years of development, the products of the company are distributed over Europe ,the United States,Japan ,Taiwan,Hong

Kong and more .
The company insists on the operational policy as of for existence with quality,for development with credit and for more profit with management ,
takes the operational mode as of  manufacture in Chinese
Mainland and sale in the world,and pays close attention to management,
quality and technology,positively developing market .The company places attention to technical exchange with foreign manufactures in the same trade , always introduces new technologies and nesw materials to make our products perfect and advanced.

K type connector film doubles side with very soft silicone sponge Rubber
Item   Unit 0.05p 0.1p 0.18p 0.25p
Pitch P mm 0.050.03 0.10.04 0.180.15 0.250.05
Length L mm 1.0100.1 10.1300.2 30.1600.3
60.11200.4 1201800.6 Over 1800.8
Height H mm 0.550.1 5.1100.15
Weidth W mm 0.1
Conductor Width Tc mm 0.030.01 0.050.03 0.10.03 0.10.03
Insulator Width Ti mm 0.02 0.05 0.09 0.12
Standard Contact Spacing CW mm 0.40.1
Minimum Contact Spacing   mm   0.3 0.5 0.7
Physical Properties
Parameter Unit Insulator Conductor Side Insulator
Volume Resistivity Ohm-cm 1*10^14 36 8*10^13
Dielectric Strength Kv/mm 2327   2327
Specific Gravity   1.2 1.25 1.10
Hardness   555 655 205
Tensile Strenght Kg/cm^2 7085 5060


Skew 0 0UNDER 3
Insulation Resistance(500VDC) Ohms 10^14    
Temperature Range 0^C -20100 -20100 -20100
Elongation % 180250 150200 400500
Maximum Current Density(@25`C) mA/MM^2 1

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